Mrs. C’s Class Rocks Out to Kidz Bops!

Sometimes the school day just needs a little shaking up to keep things fresh and moving! This has been especially true following all of the crazy schedule changes we’ve had due to snow and ice. Today, this meant a few minutes of dancing to one of our favorite songs, Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Courtesy of Go Noodle, students whipped out some quick dance steps and sang their hearts out while resetting for the rest of our day.

Revised District Calendar Posted

The district has finalized plans to make up lost classroom time due to the six snow days and two delayed starts we’ve had so far this winter. These changes will allow Clear Lake students to recover meaningful instructional time without putting a big dent in family summer plans.

Here are the changes:

  • February 13 (previously a high school no-school day) will become a school day for all district students
  • February 20 (Presidents Day) will become a school day for all students
  • March 3 (previously a no-school day for K-8 students) will become a school day for all students
  • Monday June 19th, and Tuesday June 20thwill be full school days for K-11 students (seniors will have graduated)
  • June 20thwill now be the last day of school for students (it will be a full-day, not an early release)
  • If we have additional Snow Days this winter they may be added to the calendar after June 20th

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Get Room 13’s Events Right on YOUR Calendar!

Did you know that you can get all the important dates for Room 13’s events right on your calendar? That’s right! If you add our Room 13 calendar to your electronic calendar–Google, ical, etc.–every time we add an event to our calendar, it will show up on your existing calendar. Never again wonder if it’s Popcorn Friday, whether there’s a PTO meeting tonight or when the music concert is!

All you have to do is click on the link below (ical for Apple users; HTML for everyone else) and say “ok”. Bam! You’ve got the direct link to Room 13’s events and activities. You can also click on the plus sign located next to the words “Google Calendar” on our events calendar to the right of your screen and get our calendar directly linked.

Get our calendar here:

Final Four CL OBOB Meetings Scheduled

The final four Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) meetings have been scheduled for the 2016-17 year. Please note that the final two meetings are 15 minutes longer, lasting until 3:45pm. The dates for the meetings are:

January 18th 3:00-3:30 Mock Battles
January 25th 3:00-3:30 Mock Battles
February 8th 3:00-3:45 Official Battles
February 15th 3:00-3:45 Official Battles

Want these dates right in your electronic calendar? Simply click on one of the links below to get Room 13’s event calendar!

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Parent Conferences Rescheduled to January 26th

I am happy to let you know that we have rescheduled the parent-teacher conferences that were postponed twice due to snow. These conferences are very important, and we’re determined to provide the opportunity for you.

Our new make-up day for conferences will be Thursday, January 26th. Two weeks’ notice will allow families time to make arrangements with work or childcare in order to attend their meeting. I encourage you to bring your child to their conference. Continue reading Parent Conferences Rescheduled to January 26th

No Horses on this Math Carousel!

Students create math posters to show their story problem solutions.

This week in math, we have been working on multi-step story problems. On Tuesday, we used a technique called “Math Carousel” where students worked in groups to solve a multi-step problem and then present their solution on a poster.

Students were required to state the question they were trying to answer and then show both their mathematical solution (or algorithm) and a drawing that represented the mathematical process they used to solve the problem. Finally, students answered the question using a complete sentence. After working with their team to solve the problem, each group presented their poster to the rest of the class. We have a few presentations left to go, but plan to finish them before we head out to winter break.

Parent Conferences Rescheduled for January 5th

UPDATE 1/11: Conferences have been rescheduled for January 26th. Please see our website post from January 11th for more information.

UPDATE 1/5: Due to inclement weather, conferences scheduled for today are cancelled. We will be re-scheduling conferences for a TBD date in January. 

 calendar-36971_960_720Families who were scheduled to meet with teachers on Thursday, December 8th are now rescheduled to Thursday, January 5th. This will be a half day for students in order to accommodate time for teachers to meet with parents. Friday, January 6th will be a regular full day of classes.

Rescheduling notices are going home in today’s Tuesday folders. Your conference time has not changed. If you had a meeting time scheduled for Thursday, you will keep that same time for January 5th. If you need to make changes to your conference time on Jan. 5th, please call the school at 541-689-0511 or email me so we may reschedule. You can also download a copy of our conference schedule here.

Move Over Breakfast! We Start Our Day with a Dance!

Has your student come home and told you about our Morning Meetings? Or, maybe they’ve mentioned our new Morning Meeting Song? Curious what in the world they’re talking about?

Morning Meeting is a school wide initiative we’ve started to help build a stronger sense of community and set up kids for social and academic success. We spend the first 20 minutes every day (8:55-9:15) greeting one another, sharing and learning about characteristics such as kindness or empathy. Our meetings generally consist of four parts: a greeting, sharing, an activity and a morning message. Recently, we added one more component: Our Morning Song (see video). The kids love the time we spend together in the morning and it gives us time to interact with one another and have some FUN!

Interested in learning more about Morning Meeting? Visit Responsive Classroom’s website to read more!

Room 13 Celebrates Perfect Attendance

Room 13 is proud to announce that seven of our students earned Perfect Attendance for the first trimester of the 2016-17 school year. Congratulations to Kayla, Paij, Jake M., Gabi, Michael, Syrus and Cody! These students have not missed a single day of school this year, nor have they arrived late or left early. Nice work, kids!

Unfortunately, the data system that pulls the attendance report experienced some sort of glitch causing these students to be omitted from the perfect attendance list used for recognizing students at our assembly yesterday. Our utmost apologies that these students were not recognized during yesterday’s assembly. We enjoyed a special Room 13 Exclusive celebration of their achievement today.

Special Homework Alert: Week of 12/5

Similar to Thanksgiving week, we have special homework for conference week. Students are released at 11:55 on Thursday, December 8th and will have no school on Friday, December 9th. With the shortened week and extra time spent with students preparing for conferences, I have modified our homework to only include a reading log. There is no spelling this week or Homework BINGO. Your student received this homework on Monday, December 5th, and it is due Monday, December 12th.