Students Participate in Annual CL Spelling Bee

Clear Lake held its annual spelling bee today, celebrating a year of learning and hard work. Students were given a written exam to qualify for the semi-finals and were given an oral exam to move on to today’s final. Two students in our class qualified for the finals: Wyatt Holly and Gabriel Ares (pictured here).

The competition was tough, and both boys did amazing! Gabriel reached the final round, coming in second overall in the fourth grade bracket. Well done, gentlemen!

Tayshaun to Throw Honorary First Pitch

Room 13 is delighted to announce that Tayshaun Stirtz will thrown the honorary first pitch at the July 11th Em’s Game at PK Park in Eugene!

Students at Clear Lake recently participated in a community partnership program with the Eugene Emerald–Em’s–baseball organization that works to promote reading and literacy at local schools. Students were asked to create reading goals in conjunction with their teachers and were responsible for “completing” their bookmarks by listing the books, minutes or pages read. Students who completed their bookmark received tickets to an Em’s game this summer.

Specific schools are recognized at each game. Clear Lake’s game night is July 11th where our very own Tayshaun will throw the honorary first pitch! We are thrilled for Tayshaun and hope everyone comes out to support him and the Clear Lake family. Go Em’s!!

Parents: Prevent Summer Slide this Summer

As summer approaches, parents often start looking to ways they can help their student continue learning and prevent what educators often refer to as “summer slide”–the steps backwards students often take at the start of a new school year when they haven’t utilized the skills and content they’ve learned the previous school year while on summer break. But, fear not, there are many simple things you can do at little to no cost to help ensure that your student is ready for school this fall while enjoying the time you have at home with them.

Bethel’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Brian Flick, has put together information for families interested in helping their child(ren) over the summer. In fourth grade, we studied place value, fractions, decimals, area and perimeter, all of which students will continue to develop skills in in fifth grade. Brian’s post offers a number of ways to integrate these math skills into your everyday activities. Reading each day is also highly encouraged. As soon-to-be-fifth-graders, students are able to do this on their own and often enjoy winding down in the evenings with a good book. My own children at home love this because I let them think they’re staying up later to do it!

Checkout Brian’s blog to learn how to help your child over the summer.

Logan and Kaylee Earn April Recognitions

Logan and Kaylee–April Students of Recognition

Congratulations to Logan and Kaylee, our April Self Manager and Student of the Month!

Logan, Self Manager for the month of April, has demonstrated remarkable improvement in self-management of his behavior, work ethic and positive attitude. He helps others each morning by passing out our Rocket Math folders and is working diligently on an excellent writing piece for our district assessment. Logan’s command of fractions is notable, as well — he can manipulate and calculate them in his head! Wow! Congratulations, Logan. I’m so very proud of you!

Our April Student of the Month, Kaylee, has also been hard at work. Kaylee is relentless is mastering her classwork. She strives to complete both her classwork and homework with impeccable accuracy and neatness. If Kaylee doesn’t understand a concept, she asks follow up questions until she understands and then practices at home. She is thoughtful in her work, and her penmanship is second-to-none. Her improvement and focus in our REWARDS reading group has resulted in notable improvement in her reading skills, as well. Way to go, Kaylee!

Gearing Up for May 11th Jog-a-Thon!

Kira gets ready to run the Jog-a-Thon May 11th!

Kids in room 13 practiced pacing themselves for the long race of a jog-a-thon today. We spent about 20 minutes making our rounds out on the field where kids realized that speedy starts don’t always end in #1 finishes. Later this week, we will have a schoolwide assembly to kick off the jog-a-thon season. Kids will hear how to get sponsors and about prizes they can win. We can’t wait to see all those rosy cheeks making strides towards our final spring fundraiser.

We invite you to join us for the Clear Lake Jog-a-Thon Wednesday, May 11th at 1:30. As always, thank you for your support of our class, Clear Lake and, of course, your child!

Here We Vincent van Gogh!

As part of our studies, the students have been learning about famous artists and their works. We recently read about Vincent van Gogh and his life as an artist. Students were surpised to learn that van Gogh struggled as an artist while he was alive, painting more than 150 pictures, but only selling a single one in his lifetime. They had no idea that Vincent van Gogh wasn’t still alive when his work became so very famous.

We also learned that van Gogh’s picture, The Sunflowers, was painted during his time in the south of France where he had gone looking for sunshine and brighter colors. After learning about van Gogh’s life, students had the chance to create their own version of The Sunflowers using chalk, tissue paper, dried black beans and creative minds. Their work is beautiful! This is a sampling of their creations.

Stop in sometime and check them all out. They are hanging in the hallway just outside our classroom door, spreading sunshine and cheer to CL staff and students as they pass by!

Room 13 Announces March Student Recognitions

March Students of the Month: Ryan and Charles

Room 13 is proud to announce Ryan Poindexter as Student of the Month and Charles Henderson as Self Manager for the month of March. Both of these boys have made tremendous improvements in the classroom.

Ryan has shown a keen ability to stay focused and on-task during class. He models our “STAR” procedure–Sitting Tall, Track the Speaker, Asking and Answering Scholarly Questions and Respecting the Speaker–with precision. His improved class participation has translated into better understanding, stronger learning and higher scores. Well done, Ryan!

Charles has also been working hard this spring to show his strengths in the classroom. He has stayed focused on completing work in class and recently turned in an exceptional memoir for our writing class. Charles’ work ethic is shining and will serve him well this year and beyond. So proud, Charles!

Students Bring Broadway to Clear Lake

Do you hear that beat? It’s the sound of people entering the theater on the most famous street in the world. It’s the sound of dancing feet and orchestras tuning up. It’s the sound dreams are made of. It’s the sound of Broadway!

On Tuesday, March 8th, students in Room 13 joined the other 4th and 5th grade students to bring Broadway to Clear Lake.

After weeks of practices and preparation, students thrilled the audience with Broadway Beat–a show featuring a variety of songs from well-known Broadway musicals, including hits from Hairspray, Annie, Rent, Grease, The King and I and more! Interspersed with fun facts and historical details on awards the respective musicals had earned, students from Room 13 were showcased in a number of individual and group appearances. Broadway Beat was musical fun for the whole family! Continue reading Students Bring Broadway to Clear Lake

Need help on writing a solid Constructed Response?

We worked as a class again today to build a solid constructed response to the first of two questions on our story this week, Sacagawea. This time, we color-coded the different points we wanted to make to simplify the process of transferring the ideas into paragraphs. Here, you can see our final typed response. The various parts of the document are colored to match our notes on our RACE paper.

This weekend, students are being asked to use the same process to answer the second question on the paper: “Name two details that support the idea that Clark loves Pomp.” Students should have an opening sentence initially answering the question (listing the two reasons) and then two subsequent paragraphs for each reason. The paragraphs will probably be fairly short — about 3-5 sentences each. There should also be a final paragraph reiterating the points made in the first paragraph (i.e. restating the two main reasons we know that Clark loves Pomp).

We’re Heading to the Dump March 17th!

The 4th and 5th grade classes at Clear Lake Elementary will be starting a unit on waste reduction soon. As part of our studies, we will be visiting local waste management facilities, including Bring Recycling, the central receiving station for Lane County Waste Management and Short Mountain Landfill. This trip promises to stink!

We also need chaperones to join us on our journey. Volunteers will be assigned 4-5 students to lead on the trip. If you would be interested in joining us, please let me know. Volunteers need to have a completed and approved Volunteer Criminal History Verification form on file. If you have not filled out this form in the last year, you can do so online at

I am sending home this letter with students today with more information and details on our upcoming trip including what to wear, when we’re leaving and returning to school and how we are handling lunch.