Parties and Food

General Information & Guidelinesfun-birthday-cupcake
Occasionally, we will celebrate special events, holidays, birthdays and achievements in our classroom. During these celebrations, food may be served. In the interest of health and safety, only store bought items may be provided and healthy choices will be encouraged. Generally, celebrations are scheduled for the last 15 minutes of the day in order to minimize disruption to the learning environment.

Pencils or other goody bag items are a great alternative to celebrating with food; however, parents often ask to bring a special snack to share. Unfortunately, we no longer celebrate birthdays on an on-going basis with snacks from home. Instead, classrooms celebrate birthdays at the end of each month for all students who celebrated another trip around the sun in the past 30 days. 

Parents also often ask about  handing out birthday party invitations. If party invitations are distributed at school, they must be handed out before or after the instructional day and must be given to every child in the classroom. You can use our Class List to ensure you have one for each kiddo. Thank you in advance for your consideration.