MusicClear Lake Music Production
Clear Lake enjoys a tremendous music program led by Lori Kelley. Mrs. Kelley has been at CL for 20 years and is highly regarded for her work with our students. The kids attend music three days a week and explore the world of music – rhythm, singing, instruments, Lummi sticks and more! Students even learn how to play recorders during the last trimester of the year.

Mrs. Kelley also leads the student body in chants and songs during assemblies and coordinates annual music events for families to enjoy seeing what students have learned in music class. Watch for announcements regarding these events!


Students Enjoy PEPhysical Education (P.E.)
We are very lucky to have a P.E. specialist this year who teaches at Clear Lake one day per week (she teaches the other four days at Meadow View). Classes attend one session of P.E. on a rotating schedule each Wednesday.

The specialist, Casey White, focuses on a variety of movement fundamentals, games and sports skills. Early in the year, sessions are dedicated to introducing Playworks rules and games. As the year progresses, more advanced skills will be introduced. The specialist coordinates with the classroom teacher so that the second period of P.E. each week (taught by the classroom teacher) can extend instruction from earlier in the week.


Clear Lake introduced a program in 2015-16 called Playworks. The program operates with the goal of transforming recess with safe and healthy play so teachers can teach and kids can learn. The program was piloted at Prairie Mountain during the 2014-15 school year with tremendous success. Students learn structured games they can play independently at recess. Game rules are pre-determined and schoolwide, minimizing contention between students on the playground. When a disagreement arises, students “Rock it out”, playing Rock-Paper-Scissors for basic disagreements such as whether the ball was in or out of bounds or who was in line first. Learn more at playworks.org.

Students will get the opportunity to explore art throughout the year. In 4th grade, students will gain skill in art by looking at great works of art, discussing the elements found in these works and imitating the techniques. Students will also learn about fundamental art concepts such as primary/secondary/tertiary colors, use of lines, perspective, rotation/slide, patterns, etc.

Generally, we learn about the fundamental concepts through in-class discussion first and then explore the use of the technique or skill in the famous work of art. Following this, we apply the fundamental concept in a project, either an original work of art or by mimicking the famous work. Our projects utilize a number of mediums and modes from paper and paint to oil pastels and collages.


School Garden Project (“Garden Club”)
Bethel participates in a program called the School Garden Project. This program, referred to as the “Garden Club” with our students, is designed to help Lane County schools create, sustain and use on-site gardens by providing resources, professional consultation and educational programming.

Instructors from the program visit Clear Lake on a weekly basis and lead classes through lessons focused on everything from plant parts and functions to soil ecosystems to pollination. Lessons are correlated to the Oregon Common Content Standards (lessons are currently transitioning to the Common Core State Standards).

The classes offer hands-on extension of classroom studies. Small groups are led by volunteers from the program in specific garden tasks. At the end of the school year, students participate in the Spring Celebration where they pot a tomato plant to take home and grow over the summer and prepare a salad or stir fry with freshly harvested garden produce. For more information on the program, visit schoolgardenproject.org.