Happy New Year!!

Dear Families,

As we welcome students back to school just a few reminders to help your students get started in the right direction for the new year:

  1. Homework will be starting back up Tuesday. Students are taking responsibility in their homework by writing down the daily assignments. Each day there will be math, spelling and either reading or a journal entry. Students can always go on Typing Agent and Reflex Math for additional practice.
  2. We are started a new behavior management system called “DOJO” please sign up for classroom updates and view your students progress. Download the app on your phone or device and the password information is on the DOJO paper your received at parent teacher conferences. Email if you need the password again.
  3. Starting fractions here is a video of the first lesson.

Let’s make 2016 a great year!!



Nearby Nature

Last Friday your kids got the opportunity to experience a variety of activities at Alton Baker Park. Students participated in a nature walk, earth art activity and got to catch water creatures and look at them under a microscope. A big thanks to all the parents that helped out!

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Kinder Buddies

Our students have been participating in a wonderful opportunity to engage with youngsters. Students in my class in previous years always talk about the time they got to spend with an older student while being involved in a fun activity, buddy reading or a project. Our class has been going once a  month to Mrs. Imholt’s kindergarten class. They are learning responsibility,  how to be a good friend and becoming a positive role model not only in the school but our community.




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Opportunities at home


Each of your students have been so excited to use technology this year and here are two programs that your child can do at home!!

Typing Agent: Improve typing skills. This is beneficial to type stories and increase confidence while test taking.


Reflex Math: A chance to master basic math facts which in turn will enable students to complete more difficult math problems.


Homework this week!

Dear parents,

For this week students will be multiplying mentally and estimating in math currently. Attached is a link to view videos on how this is done. Student may watch the video as a reminder as to what was taught in class today.


Reading: Students should read Monday and Wednesday for 20 minutes and write a brief journal response.

Writing: On Tuesday and Thursday students will be provided a journal prompt. Tonight is to write about your “Best Friend.” Describe how you became friends, why are you friends, what do you do together.

Spelling: 3 night a week is a spelling worksheet (do not have to complete the challenge) and on Thursday students will have to study their words.

Other announcements: We just completed our second 5th grade competition which was a marshmallow bridge competition and our class won this time. We will try to have these competitions once a month. Continue to talk to your students about good sportsmanship and that win or lose it’s about the effort you give and how well you participate with the other members of your team.


The Jog-A-Thon is this Friday, students will have the opportunity to help raise money for our school. In addition, it’s a great way to be active and have fun seeing your children demonstrate positive attitudes and encourage others. If you happen to make it to school that day feel free to check in with the school and watch your children participate. Our start time is 1:00.

Go Eagles!!


Homework is here!!


Homework will be assigned to students Monday thru Thursday night. The students all have a planner in which they are required to fill out as a reminder as to what needs to be completed each night and also any other additional information about upcoming events or assignments.

Math and spelling will be assigned each of those nights with Thursday just being an opportunity for students to study there spelling words (if you can challenge them by testing the students or having them write the words they struggle with 3 times). Monday and Wednesday students will be assigned to read 25 minutes and complete a response as to what they read. Tuesday and Thursday there will be a journal entry. The prompt for the journal will be provided by me. The students will have to write at least 2 paragraphs. They should be able to write a lot considering it’s usually fun topics. For example, “What would you do with a milling dollars.”

If students struggle they should try there best and be prepared to go over the homework in class and ensure they get the help they need.

Here are two wonderful websites for math where you can watch videos on how to complete the assignments.

1) http://www.oakdale.k12.ca.us/ENY_Math5_Modules
2) Go to youtube and type in Duane Habacker then type in Grade 5 . We are on Module 1 right now and can find the lesson for it most time.

Your students are off to a great start and homework is a great way to teach students responsibility.

Go Eagles!

Welcome Back!!


Students and Familiies welcome to my the first post of the 2015-2016 school year. It is that time of year again for another school year. A couple of announcements to make to ensure your students will be well prepared to begin the year and for you as parents to help your students at home. 

Student Success at school and at home: Your child’s success and life-long learning goals are very important to me.  I will promote a successful learning environment by maintaining positive discipline at all times.  Your child will feel safe and respected in this classroom.  Please support your child and me by having frequent discussions about what he/she is learning, reviewing your child’s work for quality and accuracy, and continually reinforcing the value of respect and effort.  Other Tips for Success: Set time aside for homework each night, get a good nights rest and provide time for your child to relax and do something they enjoy doing. Sports, playing an instrument, scouts, etc. or just a few ideas where your kid can have fun and be successful in other areas.


Communication: The best way to communicate is through email. My email address Chad.Mart@bethel.k12.or.us . In addition, you can call the school (541) 607-9849 ext. 2816. Email is more convenient to respond to considering the busyness of our lives.

My class and Prairie Mountain would like to ensure your student’s sucess and enjoyment during the school year. We are all shareholders and can all make a difference in the lives of your children.

More information will be provided later of key upcoming dates and resources for you and your child.

Go Eagles!!