McKenzie Room 212


Hello Malabon Families!
This week in P.E. your 5th graders are going to be starting Speed Stacking. Last fall in this sport we were able to be part of the Guiness Book of World Records and we’re hoping to do it again! Also, picture day is Wednesday. Forms went home last week. Our time slot is at 8:30.

Here are the spelling words for this week:
Founders of the Children’s Rain Forest – Spelling Words:

1) jazz
2) double
3) freckle
4) glove
5) pause
6) bumblebee
7) myth
8) leather
9) strict
10) taxi
11) prompt
12) bought
13) pansy
14) taught
15) guilt
16) minute
17) rabbit
18) tropical
19) jungle
20) pasture

Challenge Words:
1) Equator
2) biologist
3) enthusiastic
4) preserve
5) optimistic

Bonus Words
1) Hawaii
2) Idaho

Hello 5th grade families! This week has been reduced due to budget reduction and teacher in service days. Therefore, students will be attending school Monday through Wednesday. Also, your student should have brought home an assignment progress report last weekend for you to sign. If you haven’t seen it yet, please be sure to ask them!

Here are the spelling words for this week:
SOR Losers – Spelling Words:

1) study
2) clumsy
3) trumpet
4) trouble
5) hunger
6) none
7) bundle
8) struggle
9) money
10) mutter
11) country
12) honey
13) chuckle
14) thunder
15) bulb
16) support
17) hundred
18) done
19) something
20) supposed

Challenge Words:
1) interviewed
2) record
3) prediction
4) attitude
5) ashamed
6) defeatist

Bonus Words
1) Florida
2) Georgia

Hello 5th grade families! Hope everyone is staying dry. This week I’ll be sending home the first monthly assignment progress report. This will inform you and your student of any assignments or quizzes they have yet to complete or turn-in. Please be sure to sign the form and send it back to school with your 5th grader. Thanks!
Here is this week’s spelling list:
The Abacus Contest – Spelling Words:

1) width
2) glimpse
3) twist
4) blizzard
5) lyrics
6) simple
7) built
8) system
9) igloo
10) mystery
11) limit
12) visit
13) imitate
14) whistle
15) thrift
16) mistake
17) giggled
18) quilt
19) begin
20) division

Challenge Words:
1) abacus
2) drills
3) mischievous
4) collided
5) accuracy

Bonus Words
1) Connecticut
2) Delaware

Hi Room 3 Families,
Through teamwork and effort your students earned a class reward. They voted on a movie/pizza party the afternoon of Friday, September 27th. Though we’re not sure what the students will bring in for movie choices, the movie we choose to watch will be G or PG and 5th grade appropriate. Thanks and congratulations to your 5th graders!

We have started ‘The Thriller’! Our class is practicing two to three times a week for 45 minute sessions, but I’m encouraging students to also practice at home. The link to the entire tutorial is now on this blog page so click on it and have fun! Also, students who know the entire dance by heart will have the opportunity to be dance leaders at Malabon’s Harvest Festival.

Here are the spelling list for this week:
Juggling – Spelling Words:

1) congress
2) topic
3) promise
4) proper
5) collar
6) common
7) comet
8) cause
9) broad
10) caught
11) awful
12) ought
13) fought
14) brought
15) thought
16) volleyball
17) office
18) lockers
19) intercom
20) offered

Challenge Words:
1) serve
2) spirit
3) spare
4) deliberate
5) juggle

Bonus Words
1) California
2) Colorado

Hello Malabon families,
This week the students of Rm. 3 will be voting in the class president election. We have been studying how this process works and many students are in the process of campaigning. Good luck to all nominees! Also, we are starting the Thriller dance for P.E. Students will practice the dance in preparation for the Harvest Festival taking place in October. I’ll be putting a link on this blog to the dance tutorials we’ll be using as we learn the dance. Students, I encourage you to practice regularly at home.

Here is the spelling list for this week.
The Marble Champ – Spelling Words:

1) sense
2) plenty
3) enemy
4) welcome
5) swept
6) edit
7) tennis
8) meant
9) health
10) breath
11) shelter
12) sweater
13) wealth
14) quest
15) feather
16) treasure
17) bedspread
18) chess
19) strengthen
20) shelf

Challenge Words:
1) contest
2) athletic
3) match
4) energy
5) players

Bonus Words
1) Arizona
2) Arkansas

Mr. McKenzie

Hello Malabon 5th graders!
This is the class blog. Throughout the school year I will be posting spelling lists, important dates, and other information relating to the classroom. Here are a few pieces of information that may be helpful in the first week:
-5th grade has the latest lunch so bring a healthy snack. No candy or desserts please.
-Bring a water bottle that can be taken home and washed over the weekends. Please no disposable bottles. They tend to be loud and crackly when empty.
-Leave toys/sports equipment at home. These not only are distracting in class, but can cause problems on the playground.

Here is the first week’s spelling list for those who want to get a jump on things!
Class President – Spelling Words:

1) cancel
2) travel
3) castle
4) salad
5) catalog
6) cabinet
7) blanket
8) tractor
9) magnet
10) cabin
11) palace
12) glance
13) paddle
14) sang
15) shampoo
16) accident
17) activity
18) classroom
19) absent
20) ballot

Challenge Words:
1) election
2) campaign
3) represent
4) candidate
5) confidence

Bonus Words
1) Alabama
2) Alaska

See you Tuesday!!
Mr. McKenzie