Dear Parents & Families,

Our “Family” writing unit has started. We are currently writing paragraphs about our family and then we will be writing an autobiography essay.  Through this unit they will also create a finger puppets for each of their family members and give a speech to our class.

On Thursday, February 7th our class will go on a guided field trip to the State Capitol. We plan to leave at 8:30am and return at 1:30pm. Students will need to bring a sack lunch or let their teachers know that they need one ordered from the school cafeteria by January 31st. There cost for this field trip, is $5.00 for the bus. It is important that your child wear closed toed, comfortable walking shoes, and dress in layers as part of the field trip will be outside. If you are joining us as a chaperone, please plan on driving and or carpooling with other parents. Unfortunately seating is very limited on the bus. Students are more than welcome to bring along books, drawing things, and electronics to entertain themselves on the bus ride. Please remember that all electronics are brought at your own risk. The school and teachers are not responsible for these items. However the buses will be locked at all times while we are not on them. This field trip will be a wonderful opportunity for students to see first-hand where our legislators work. The tour includes the Rotunda, Senate, House Chambers, and the Governor’s Ceremonial Office. This knowledge will help support what we are learn in Social studies and our study of Oregon. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the field trip.

We will not have a “Valentine’s Party”, but we will be doing several fun activities in class. If students would like to bring valentines for their classmates they can. We just ask that you have your child make them for everyone in our class. Students will be given time to pass them out in class.

Ms. Perrigo 2018-2019

  1. Jake                        21. Juliet
  2. Reese                      22. Zack
  3. Emma                    23. Rygel
  4. Jocelyn                  24. Lane
  5. Cayden
  6. Kayleigh
  7. Lily
  8. David
  9. Anna
  10. Shaylynn
  11. Rodney
  12. Connor
  13. James
  14. Jayce
  15. Cadence
  16. Kaden
  17. Hannah
  18. Hope
  19. Jaxon
  20. Tristan


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday February 6th: Irving Math Night 5pm-6:30pm

Wednesday February 6th Ms. Perrigo’s popcorn day

Thursday February 7th: 4th Grade Capital Field Trip 8:30-1:30

Monday February 18th: No School; President’s Day

PTO meeting February 20th 6:30

February 28th 4th grade Music program 7:00pm

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Perrigo

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