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  • Happy Monday..Halloween is coming up very shortly..Hope costume shopping is going well for everyone, and I look forward to seeing everyone through out the year. The Halloween party will be on Thursday this year (no school Friday). This is what I was thinking, and I would love your suggestions if you have some

    While the kiddos are doing the costume parade we will hang doughnut from the ceiling for each kid, and when they get back we will have the hands behind your back contest. Following that we will get in teams of three and using toilet paper pick a teammate to get wrapped like a mummy.

    I don’t know about everyone else my kids don’t need the extra candy on Thursday…Was thinking about this cute idea I saw on Pintrest it is just an orange cup with google eyes stuck on it with a string cheese inside…. Simple and NOT candy.

    Christy has two coloring/activity sheets for the kids, and a movie if they have extra time..However we do need to leave time to clean up the classroom..

    Let me know what you are thinking, and if there are other ideas we would like to do I’m open for suggestion…Once I hear back I will send out an email for supplies…and we can start checking off supplies, and volunteers. We have such a great group I don’t imagine a shortage of help with this group.

    Thank you for being amazing involved parents. Have a great week, and feel free to call or email me anytime if you want to chat
    Nicky Carlson (Georgia’s mom)
    541-206-22327 or

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