Period 2: Finish Worksheet (Angles Practice)

Period 4: 105-106 (Practice and Problem Solving)


Math Period 2/3: Finish Front of worksheet

Math Period 4: Study for Functions Test!

Science Period 1/5: Lesson 74-Analysis Questions 1, 3, 5, 6


Math Period 4: Finish the Fun with Functions packet

Science Period 1 and 5: Analysis Questions 1, 3, 5 for Lesson 73


Period 2,3 Math: Study for your math test tomorrow!

Period 4 Math: Finish the 3rd page of the functions worksheet


Math Homework:

Period 2: Finish Dilation worksheet that we started in class. Be prepared to share out answers in class.

Period 3: Finish the Dilation worksheet up to problem 8. Be prepared to share out answers in class.

Period 4: p. 213-214 (P)

Note: As always with homework in Ms. Roe’s class, if you don’t know the answer or what to do you need to 1). TRY something!!! or 2) Write a complete explanation about what part of the problem you don’t understand.

Class Updates 10/17

In Math classes are currently learning and practicing dilations. In addition to dilations, we are continuing our practice of rotations, reflections, and translations. Students had a very small quiz today that I am going to use to inform instruction for the rest of the week.

In Science we are at the tail end of the Evolution unit with 2-3 activities remaining before we move on to Force and Motion. Students should expect a test in the next 2 weeks (after a small quiz later this week I will be able to gauge if students are ready for this sooner or if there needs to be some reteaching before the test).

Outside of math and science…. Students are invited to join Ms. Roe, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Dodd (and possibly others) this Sunday at Run with the Duck! The kids run is at 9:30am and if you’re feeling extra adventurous the 5k is at 10am. For more information, visit Run With The Duck.