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Recent Comments

If you participated in the OYCC/Kalapuya Conservation Corps/ aka(Taylor’s Cohort) program, will you PLEASE fill out the following survey. This will make you eligible for scholarship $. Thanks in advance.
Here is the link for THE OYCC SURVEY

This morning we will be looking at the Clean Drinking Water Act. We will start by reading the law itself. Next, we will look at the Flint Water Crisis which brought this issue into the limelight last year. Here is an article we will read as a class.

But first, here is the law.

Here is the link for inquiry by design

For this LPA you will be finding distance using Degrees/Mins/Secs instead of miles. You will also use ratios/proportions and the Pythagorean Theorem. As you practice today, you can check your answers using this site.

Step by Step Instructions.
1- First I measure the distance between 2 lines of Longitude and find that 6cm = 10min
2- Next I measure over from the closest line to my location.
3- I use the 6cm=10min as my conversion ratio in a proportion. 6cm/10min=2cm/x
4- I add this to the nearest line of longitude (42Deg. 10min) and it gives me (120Deg. 13Min)
5- Next I measure between 2 lines of latitude and find that 8.2cm=10min
6- I measure up from the closest line then plug that # into my proportion 8.2cm/10min=2cm/X
7- I add that answer (2.56min) to the line that I measured from and I get (42Deg 12.6Min)
8- I repeat the process for the second location.
9- I convert my Deg/Min to decimals by dividing by 60.
10- Find the differences in Longitude and Latitude and use these as legs A&B of a right triangle.
11- Convert Latitude degrees to miles using 69 miles = 1Deg
12- Convert Longitude degrees to miles using 52 miles = 1deg
13- Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance.
14 YAYAY!! You did it. Check your answer.

We will start the day by reading a little bit about the history/background of the Syria conflict

Regarding the connection between water shortages and war, please read this article from the Smithsonian.

Once you complete the reading, post a comment to the blog. Your comment should include three things that you learned, two questions you have, and one opinion that you have on the issue.

After you finish your post AND get checked off by Trisha or Taylor, you can move to the desktop computers and play this Map Quiz Game (5 Points extra credit for anyone who can complete in less than 4 minutes with less than 2 mistakes)

For Wed- Check out these pictures of archaeological looting in Syria.

After break, we will work on this article.
1. We will read the article together as a class
2. We will discuss using the Inquiry By Design Protocol
3. You will annotate
4. We will fill out an ICONS graphic organizer.

By the end of the week you should be able to answer the essential question. What are some of the causes, outcomes, and potential solutions for the conflict in Syria?

We would like to get student input on what is working best at KHS. Please fill out this survey. Thank you!

Congrats! You’ve chosen the best elective class at Kalapuya. This week we are going to get some exercise, see some really cool places, and celebrate springtime in Oregon. To earn an A, all you have to do is show up every day, complete the hikes, and conduct yourself appropriately (Aka- Be Nice). You will earn PE Credit for this class. If you would like to earn Science or English Credit let me know, I am willing to help you with this, but it would require extra reading/writing/discussion about the places we visit. Here is some info on today.
Monday- We are hiking at Silver Falls. Here is some info on the history of the park.

This article presents an opposition argument to Lifeboat. After reading you should be able to identify several pieces of evidence suggesting overpopulation is a problem AND several suggesting it is not. Here is the article

You get .125 Credits for the Redwoods Trip. You can bring this up to .25 by doing a couple assignments. Doing the assignments will also enhance your Redwoods Experience by giving you some insight/knowledge about the place. There are 3 things you need to do.
1. Read this article about a guy walking for 11 months through the Redwoods.
2. Join the discussion about the article
3. Write a paper after the trip. This paper can be used to pass a writing LPA.

This is your assignment for the second half of class. You should be on the desktop or an I-pad. Stormy will be sitting in the computer lab. Your goal is to finish 5 pages without error. When you get a page without error, show it to Stormy and she’ll give you a check mark. 3 checks is a pass, 4 is a B, 5 is an A. Good luck.