Development Unit

3 Questions for Unit Essay (Pick 1 to write, outline the other 2)

  1.  Evaluate the view that globalization harms rather than benefits the poorest people in the countries with the lowest incomes.
  2. Discuss the view that sustainable development will never be achieved until state and non-state actors can be persuaded or forced to act in the common interest.
  3.  Discuss the view that social factors such as gender relations or migration can both help and hinder development.


Development Vocabulary List

Slideshow with Videos and Vocab on Theories/Paths to Development

Final Reading Quiz

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End of Development 3.1 from Kirsch

GloPo Dev 2.8 – Factors of Development

Contested Definitions of Development from Kirsch

Kirsch 3.3 Factors of Development

Kirsch 3.4 Reading – Contemporary Pathways Towards Development

Notes Template for Kirsch Reading

Canada’s Challenge to Maduro Article 

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NPR Coverage of 2018 Election in Venezuela 

Modern China – Mao – A-Bombs and Paper Tigers

Sidhartha Guatama – On Achieving Buddahood

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