Mr. Novak: Biology and Foundations at Willamette High School

September 13-14, 2016


This is our third class.  Today we learned the names and purpose for 20 common tools.  We have a QUIZ next class about these tools we learned today.
difference between Observations and Inferences.  The lab activity we did used Orbi clear balls in water

and an optical illusion.


We also did….



Welcome to Mr. Novak’s Blog for use by students in General Biology and their parents. We will be studying six main topics this semester: Biochemistry, Cell structure/transport/energy/division and Ecology. I will be building this site this Fall semester. I will have helpful information here:
study skill tips, practice tests, copies of assignments, and summaries of lessons.

My moodle site will also be an important site for you to use. All students will also have a Moodle account, for use in taking tests and turning in assignments electronically. The Moodle site works much like HAC for reporting grades, however, every two-three weeks I will transfer the Moodle grades to the HAC site. By checking both you can keep track of the progress made and what needs to be done.

I am looking forward to a great year!!

Please ask me any questions to help you stay organized and help you achieve your highest level possible in our class.

My best to you, David Novak

School Supplies

books_1There are FREE supplies available in the Counseling Center.

Contact Mrs. Barb Roberts to access these.

Welcome to Biology!

images_015 We are going to have a great year.

      This site will help you organize and complete your learning.  There are suggestions for help with study skills.  There are videos, practice tests, assignment papers, and  a way to contact me.  If you have questions please contact me.


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