Finding Volume With Archimedes!

The week before Thanksgiving break we were all about volume.

We spent the first part of class learning how to convert metric units using the Metric Mania worksheeet.  

This is a link to a video showing how to use the worksheet and the metric ladder.

Then we watched a TED-ed animation on the story of Archimedes and the crown.

Then we went off to the Lab to calculate volumes of various objects using different methods. Here is the Lab.


Assessment on MON. On Nature of Science.

A reminder about our assessment on Monday (Tue b-day)

I’ve tagged the relevant posts with “NoS” so that they are easy to find.

We covered:

  • What IS and what IS NOT Science
  • The Sci Method
  • Theory Law Hypothesis and Fact and Belief
  • And the Branches of Sci, especially those available at WHS

Here’s a good video to review Theory, Hyp, and Fact: