Wellness Communicable Disease Project.

Today we begin our Communicable Disease presentations.

You will have a disease assigned to you in class and I’ll go back over the expectations of these presentations.

UDATE:  The Rubric and Project Description have been updated!  Also Please signup for your presentation order HERE digitally!  Be sure you are signing up for the right class period!  Be sure to submit your finished presentation (and notes) in google classroom or share it with me (deder.siedler@bethel.k12.or.us) by the END OF FRIDAY. 

We will be using Google Classroom to hand these presentations in for final grading. It is important that you know how to log in to your Bethel Google account. 

Once logged into G Classroom, you can join my classes I’ve created by entering the correct code.

Wellness 7 : mcg4g2d

Wellness 8:   g37d18v

Once there, you should be able to view all of the materials I’ve provided to you.  

I’ve created a basic outline set of slides to guide you through the process, I expect the slides to be low on text, high on visual impact, and provide you with lots to talk about during your presentation.

If you cant get into google classroom, here are our requirement docs:

here are some resources to start you off.

Let’s Get Sick!


Bonding Time! Lewis Dot Structures

Our Second Unit this semester is Chemical Bonds.

We started with a brief book assignment:  Qs from the ends of sections 1-2 and 1-3 on Ionic and Covalent Bonds.  I’ve included a PDF copy of the book chapter HERE, (remember, just 1-2 + 1-3).

We then covered some basics of bonding with some (not all) of these videos:

Then took notes and practiced creating Lewis Dot (electron dot) stuctures for the first time.  See the PDF of the notes linked here.