Metric System and Measurement

The next section of our introductory unit this year is a review of some basic science skill you should have entering high school.

We used these notes to review the Metric System: it’s origins, its basis, what the main units are.

Our practice assignments from in class included:

We also spent a bit of class time making sure we understood the difference between MASS and WEIGHT.  Here’s a reminder. 

Let’s end with a fun review of the Metric System (SI) :

Wellness Body Systems Quest!

Today’s Lesson is all online! You will find the guide document for the body systems quest in your packet under “Day 4”.

First you’ll need to login to Google Classroom with your google account.

[Student Google IDs are Students with two surnames will have them hyphenated. Students with two first names, will have just the first one. Students with an apostrophe anywhere in their name will retain it.Passwords are: whsXXXXXX where the X’s are the student’s Pentamation ID number.]

Next you will need to sign in to the correct google classroom:

For Wellness Period 7 use this code to join the right class:  s5blg1q

For Wellness Period 8 use this code to join the right class:  mx1f9v1

Answer the questions in your notes and prepare to take a quiz at the end! You can keep taking that quiz until you get a score that you are happy with!

Use the slides below to fill your table with information about the 11 body systems we are covering.

Wellness: First Aid and CPR

Our next 2 lessons covered the basics of First Aid. We learned how to approach an emergency (don’t rush in!), get professionals on the scene ASAP (call 911), and keep the victim alive as best you can.  Specifically we covered helping a choking person and how to administer compression only CPR.  The slides are below:

Wellness 1.1 – Intro to wellness and decision making

Wellians! In the first couple of days we went about introducing the idea and asking questions about what is ‘wellness’ really?

First, we took some structured notes on some background information and watched some videos about the consequences of decisions :

SMART Goals are a great way to keep yourself on track.  There are used in all kinds of businesses and organizations (I’ve had them at every job). What kinds of goals can your set?

Safety and Equipment

Today we’ll be talking all about the safety rules to follow in the classroom and laboratory and the equipment we’ll be using.

These are the slides for the Lab Equipment talk.  Please be sure to study them, do the matching assignment, and create a set of flash cards.  There is a quiz the next time we meet!

Here is an abbreviated set of notes for you to use to learn the pieces of equipment and study them.

Here’s our safety rules

and our assignment reviewing those rules.

To finish up we saw some safety videos:


We’ll Finish up Safety and Equip this week with a quick assignment on SDSs (formerly MSDS). These are vital pieces of Chemical Safety information which I guarantee your next boss will require you to know about.

We learned the first 10 sections of the MSDS now called the SDS document.  These documents accompany chemicals in a workplace and give vital information to those using the chemicals.

Here’s the Video link to the OSHA Training video

Here’s the OSHA Reading, The SDS Prep Assignment (worth points), and the handy dandy guide document.

If we finish with the assignment we can start introducing the Metric System by the end of the day.


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Copies of the Syllabus for each class are below:

Foundations Syllabus

Wellness Syllabus

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