Time to get Atom.

We start our Chemistry learning about the nature and history of the ‘atom’ and Atomic Theory.

We’ll start by watching NOVA: Hunting the Elements which covers much of the content of the next 2 units Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, and Atomic Bonding.

Next, we’ll take some quick notes on the History of Atomic Theory to get us acquainted with the atom.  Here are the Slides :

And here is our reading on the structure of the Atom.

This TED-Ed does a great job of reviewing the History of Atomic Theory:

Lastly, here’s a modern reconstruction of the famous gold foil experiment that proved that most of all matter is actually empty space!


Unit 3 Nutrition

I’ve been slow to post our slides for this unit so lets get caught up!

First it was basic nutrition:  <—- Click here.

Then it was Nutrients and nutrient dense foods

Then we discussed the history of MyPlate and Food Groups and did a computer assignment using www.choosemyplate.gov

And later we reviewed Food Labels and how to read them

The Last set of notes in this section is Components of Health and Fitness

If these slides don’t work for you just leave a comment and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

If any of you missed the last 2 classes, keep up with your work in the packet, we are rapidly heading towards the Unit Test,  likely only 2 weeks away.

PS.  I’ve added the SuperFood or SnakeOil infor graphic link here.  Be sure to show your moms!