Periodically Awesome!

We are finally getting to the key part of this unit.  Luckily an important scientist has reached out to this class to help us out.  Dimitri Mendeleev discovered a pattern in the elements and we will try to do the same.

Here is the message he sent:

Here’s the text of his assignment:

Good day fellow scientists. My name is Dmitri Mendeleev. I need your help! I believe I have seen a pattern in the elements! By creating cards for each known element and arranging the cards by weight and then looking for patterns in their character, I believe I have unlocked the secrets of the elements!Like any great scientist, I need others to confirm my findings. I have provided my data, but hidden the names of the elements. Please collect your data onto cards, then arrange by weight left to right, then look for a pattern. The elements can be arranged into families of characteristics up and down, creating a periodicity in the nature of creation.
Good luck dear scientists!

Here is our assignment and his data

We watched some TED-Ed videos on Mendeleev and the periodic table:

Here and Here

And here are some notes on the Periodic Table

Lastly a crash course on the genius of the periodic table: