Welcome Back 2017!

Update: Student Handbook

Welcome Back for 2017!  We have a huge year of learning planned and this year is going to be different is a lot of ways.

Take a look around the web page.  You’ll notice a black banner above with links to some other pages including links our Syllabi and and a really brief introduction to this classroom.

If you are looking for blog entries specific to your class, there are 2 new categories : Biology and Physical Science.  Just click on the category to the left and you see only the entries that pertain to your class.

We’ll be using online textbooks for both classes so the log-on information will be posted here if you ever forget how to get to the “tech”books.

For Physical Science it’s Discovery Ed, or DE; found here: https://app.discoveryeducation.com/

For Biology, you can use the Realize Reader app on your Chromebook or go to : https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/ and sign-in.

Your sign-in will be: whs.last.first

(for 5th period, your logon will just be whsLast.First — no period after whs)

password: whs12345 (your ID#)

We will be using Google Classroom extensively, so get started by using the correct code to enroll yourself:

Biology 1: hwgngpw

Biology 5: xj5ok7

PhysSci 3: gtnvdod

PhysSci 4: jvbm3l

PhysSci 7: vlfnr5t

PhysSci 8: r1cbqz



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