2018: Semester 2

Get ready for Semester 2.

We’ll be using online textbooks for both classes so the log-on information will be posted here if you ever forget how to get to the “tech”books.


For Biology, you can use the app on your Chromebook or go to : https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/ and sign-in.

Your sign-in will be: whs.last.first (for 5th period, your logon will just be whsLast.First — no period after whs);

password: whs12345 (your ID#)


For Physical Science it’s Discovery Ed, or DE; found here: https://app.discoveryeducation.com/

The login for DE is:  last.first

The password : whs12345 (your ID#)


We will be using Google Classroom extensively, so get started by using the correct code to enroll yourself:

Biology 1: hwgngpw

Biology 5: xj5ok7

PhysSci 3: gtnvdod

PhysSci 4: jvbm3l

PhysSci 7: vlfnr5t

PhysSci 8: r1cbqz



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