Tuesday 9/18 plans

Today we will finish our work with Metric, Equipment, and Safety by turning in our completed Metric Measure Labs. Our Focus today is to review the key components of Scientific Method and Experimental Design. We’ll be talking about the scientific process in all forms and finishing with how to design an experiment.
The Variable Practice will be homework due next class.


1- Turn in Metric Measures Lab

2- Study for Quiz

3- Quiz! hopefully. . .

4- Lecture slides and videos on Scientific Method and Experimental Design

5- Dinos and Asteroids Reading and Discussion questions  and Video

6- Variable Practice Worksheets (homework)


Welcome, and Google Classroom Logins!

Welcome Back for 2018-19!  We have a huge year of learning planned and this year is going to be different in a lot of ways.

Take a look around the web page.  You’ll notice a black banner above with links to some other pages including links our syllabi and and a really brief introduction to this classroom.

If you are looking for blog entries specific to your class, there are 2 new categories : Biology and Physical Science.  Just click on the category to the left and you see only the entries that pertain to your class.

We’ll be using online textbooks for both classes so the log-on information will be posted here if you ever forget how to get to the “tech”books.

For Physical Science it’s Discovery Ed, or DE; found here: https://bethel.discoveryeducation.com/.  Our logins go as follows:

  • Username:  bsd1234@bsd.k12.or.us (1234 represents student id #)
  • Password:  AA1234  (AA represents your initials as capital letters and 1234 is your student id #)

For Biology, you can go to : https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/ and sign-in.

** Sign-ins are being entered, this will be updated when they are ready.**

We will be using Google Classroom extensively, so get started by using the correct code to enroll yourself:

Biology 2: f7k63t

Biology 3: 8tj9554

Biology 4: off97b

PhysSci 6: ssq77

PhysSci 7: x7jbms

PhysSci 8: 9hpwyjg