The Race to Zero

Good Day Foundations of Science!
While I’m away, I expect my students to be on their best behavior.  
First, we’ll be taking a quiz.  Use your notes from last class and the Phases Graphic to prep for the Quiz.





Today we’ll watch a ‘cool’ (lol!) video about the relationship of temperature and phase of matter: The Race to Absolute Zero.  Remember that our Kinetic Model of Molecules states that Heat is really just how much the atoms or molecules move (or vibrate).  So if you can stop them, you can have Zero Heat.
While you are watching be sure to take notes on these questions:

  1. What is Absolute Zero?
  2. How the scientists cool the atoms?  With a fridge?
  3. Why are scientists interested in getting closer to Absolute Zero?

Go Full screen!—–^

Or the link here: 
Here is a interactive website associated with this video.  Try to change the heat to change phases!
See you all on Thursday and don’t forget to thank the teacher on your way out!