Metric System and Measurement

The next section of our introductory unit this year is a review of some basic science skill you should have entering high school.

We used these notes to review the Metric System: it’s origins, its basis, what the main units are.

Our practice assignments from in class included:

We also spent a bit of class time making sure we understood the difference between MASS and WEIGHT.  Here’s a reminder. 

Let’s end with a fun review of the Metric System (SI) :

Accuracy and Precision and Density Practice.

The last concepts we’ll be covering this unit are Density and Accuracy vs Precision.

We took some time to practice the density problems (be sure you can do 1-5) in class

Then we started Accuracy and Precision with the below notes and this worksheet.

We used these 2 videos to build on that difference between accuracy and precision.

This TED-Ed video

And this You tube video

Finding Volume With Archimedes!

The week before Thanksgiving break we were all about volume.

We spent the first part of class learning how to convert metric units using the Metric Mania worksheeet.  

This is a link to a video showing how to use the worksheet and the metric ladder.

Then we watched a TED-ed animation on the story of Archimedes and the crown.

Then we went off to the Lab to calculate volumes of various objects using different methods. Here is the Lab.