This Energy unit is a real Joule!

Our next unit is Energy, we’ll begin with an over view of forms of energy, focusing on potential and kinetic. Then on to work and power, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and heat flow.

We’ll do some quick review Next we will spend some time interacting with the potential/kinetic energy exchange with the simulation here. The assignment that goes along with it is here.  or here

Work and Power:


Heat Flow

We’ll do a little Lab on observing the 3 forms of heat flow

Intro to physics

This is a new Unit for all of us (me too!).  Some of this I’m putting together as we go along so this post will be updated with activities and notes as we progress through the unit.

We started with notes on establishing how we talk about the motion of objects and defining scalar vs. vector quantities.

The notes are below

Next we had an activity where we explored these concepts and watched a Crash Course video about linear motion:

And on the third day of class we had a brief quiz and then started notes on accleration:

one of my favorite accelerators: the white zombie from Portland

3/15: Well I loved acceleration so much I had to do more here’s our lecture for the end of the week!

The Acceleration “quiz” assignment is here: answer all questions to the best of your ability,  checkout the cheat sheet on the last slide!

We’ve finished with describing motion and started with what causes motion: the force! After Spring break we will cover Newton’s 3 laws. we’ll do some reading in the text in case my yapping at you doesn’t do the job!

The Last set of notes for this unit! Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion!

and a crash course physics