Waves Computer Lesson

For a quick overview of some properties of all waves, click on this first site. Make sure you fill out your hand out as you work!

Waves and Wave Motion : Describing Waves

Practice what you’ve already learned about waves with this site:

This site will let you play around some more with transverse waves:

Sound waves are mechanical waves, because they require a medium for moving through. View this video on sound waves. You will only watch the first five minutes.

When you open this next page, read the lesson to answer the questions.

Sound Waves Lessons

An interesting effect of sound waves leads to the Doppler Effect. View this video to learn more about it:

Now we will shift gears and talk about light waves. Light waves are not mechanical waves like sound waves. They do NOT need a medium of particles to travel through. The use electric and magnetic fields for traveling instead and are thus called electromagnetic waves.

This site will give you a good overview of Electromagnetic waves:

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

If you have time, move on to these last two sites. The first is from NASA and will give more details about each of the types of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, including practical uses in the space program:

Electromagnetic Spectrum: NASA

This last site will help you get a better understanding of how different wavelengths of light interact with one another to help us see different colors: