GAPP Program

Our partner school is located 45 miles north of Munich.

Bavaria is located in the southeast of Germany.  Our partner school is located about 45 miles northeast of Munich.  We will spend 4 days touring Munich before we travel to Mainburg where we will go to school.  Here are some photos of Munich:

GAPP stands for German American Partnership Program.  This program is sponsored by the Goethe Institut and the government of Germany. It began in 1972 and now almost 800 schools in America have a partner school in Germany.  Each summer nearly 12,000 students travel across the Atlantic to visit their partner schools.  They tour a major city with their school group and then they spend 2 to 3 weeks living with a host family and attending a German school.  They give presentations in the German school about American culture, geography and school life.  The German students also visit their partner school in America and stay with their host partners while attending school.

The primary goals of the GAPP exchange are to foster the study of the German and English languages and to increase intercultural awareness and understanding.  For more information go to the GAPP link on this blog.

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