Homework/Classwork, what’s the difference?

Hello parents. As school starts to hit full stride, I have had some parents curious about homework. There are a couple of reasons you may only sometimes see homework that needs to be completed at home.

First off, the beginning of the school year many teachers spend a lot of time modeling and assessing routine activities. Many days are spent as a crash course for pre-requisite skills and soft-skills (organization, neatness, punctuality, on-task behavior, etc.).

Secondly, a lot of research has been done questioning the effectiveness of student homework. I have considered different perspectives on the topic and molded them into my own philosophy. Particularly in math, as your student is engaging in more challenging content, I can’t expect every parent to be the ideal person to ask for advice when his or her student is “stuck”.

I believe you can relate to past occasions when your student may have lost patience with Mom, Dad, or adult figure trying to explain something (probably correctly) but it was slightly different from the way his or her teacher did it in class that day.

With that said, making mistakes and getting stumped is a part of the learning process. I am happy to be bouncing around the classroom asking clarifying questions, noticing common mistakes, and being there for advice. If students can get to that problem in class and have me there for advice, I can be confident that students are learning.

I assign math ‘classwork’ nearly every day; it only becomes ‘homework’ when the bell rings if it was not completed during the allotted time. Students know exactly what should be done and by what due date. I will be tracking students’ classwork completion regularly and contacting parents whose students aren’t getting their work done. Hopefully this offers some clarification if you had questions/concerns.

Have a great day,

Eric Wright

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Welcome Meadow View Parents and Students!

Hello Meadow View parents and students.  Welcome to my Website.  First off, a little bit about myself. I’m a 7th and 8th grade teacher at MV.  This is my 9th year at MV and I am proud to be a Wolf since the beginning of my teaching career.  My wife and I have two kids; Wyatt is eight and a 3rd grader here at MV, Chloe will be five on October 6th.  We bought a home in 2006 in the Bethel community and love living in West Eugene.

This year I will be teaching three courses of Math 7, one 8th grade Algebra group, and a STEM class.  This will be the fifth year I have used a website/blog as a mode of communication.  I do receive an email notification if you post a comment on my website, or you can simply email me at eric.wright@bethel.k12.or.us.  I typically reply to emails very quickly and definitely within 48 hours.  I am very excited for the new school year and getting to know your students.

Please subscribe to my blog if you would like email reminders when I have posted a new message.  These emails will not overload your inbox, all you have to do is put in your email address in the subscribe field found at the top of the right margin of this website.  I typically will only update my blog about twice a month.  I will do my best to keep you up to speed on what we’re doing in your son/daughter’s class.  Middle school students are known for not telling Mom and Dad everything they’re doing at school.  In addition, you will find helpful links on the margin of my webpage.  For example, I have instructions on how to log on to Home Access, links to math webpages, science webpages etc.

One more communication piece that I will be including as an option is Remind.com.  This is a teacher tool for sending out one-way (you cannot reply) important reminders via text message to a group of phone numbers.  Please click here to join my Algebra class reminders and click here to join my 7th Grade Math class reminders.  I will not be sending these texts too frequently…most likely just for test dates, field trip info., etc.

I am really looking forward to teaching your student this year and will do my best to help them have a successful year.


Eric Wright

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