Blazing Hurricanes take New Orleans by storm

milkshakesLast year’s winners of the regional wind turbine competition were invited to compete in New Orleans for Kidwind’s National Finals, this year. After much fundraising we were able to raise enough money to make the trip. Thank you to everyone that helped us get there!

Blazing Hurricanes came in 6th out of 26 teams. Daniel, Devin, and Quinn along with Judi Tacchini and myself spent 4 days in New Orleans. We took an air boat tour of the swamps, visited a local cemetery, binged on all the local cuisine. We sampled alligator, craw fish, gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, beignets and oysters.


Team showing their “superior intellect”, making adjustments to the turbine for “slow” wind tunnel test.

We are incredibly proud of the fellas.


Gator jumping for marshmallows. Who knew they liked marshmallows?


Walking from our hotel to the convention. Daniel looking ready for the competition!


Ms. Tacchini showing her deep appreciation of our craw fish.


Devin eating craw fish. We nick named him “Mr Adventurous” because he tried a new type of cuisine every time he ate either lunch or dinner.


The fellas learn about Cajun food. Soooo spicy!

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