Greetings Students, Parents, and Guardians


Please see next post for ways to contact me.

Please remember to check your child’s grades and assignments on home access often. This can be done by going on to Bethel’s Homepage at . Once there go to the student’s tab and select home access. Then you must enter your child’s user name and password.

The user name is your child’s student id number (it is five numbers long, they should know this number, they use it to get their lunch in the cafeteria every day) and first initial and last name without any spaces. For example, If my student id were 30325 and my name gaby calkins it would be 30325gcalkins.

The password is your student’s student id and birth date [(include leading zeros) no spaces or dashes] for example, if my birthday was February 28, 1999 my password would be 3032502281999.

Once in you can go to tab that says “Classwork” find the appropriate class and check for any missing assignments.

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