Instructional Technology Grades 4-12

Exit Survey 3: Results

1. Based on what you have learned/been exposed to, what are the three biggest benefits of taking this class?

Reviewing Word Press was/is always beneficial
I enjoyed learning about available WebQuests
I found value in talking about apps that I can use in my classroom
1. getting my wordpress working for real this time!
2. learning about all of the exciting things coming up
3. getting the time to use the technology
Google Dogs
Learning about word press.
Learning how to use word press.
How to use google docs and connect it to word press.
Making my own WordPress site that I can use with my class. Webquests. Meeting the people that can be helpful to me and my technology needs in the future.
The three biggest benefits of taking this class have been getting a wordpress site, getting a bethel docs account, and learning how to find good webquests.
Learning to use WordPress in a constructive and easy way. I’m really looking forward to using my site next year for students to access information, lessons and taking surveys.
Learning about Learn 360. Continue reading

Exit Survey 2: Results

1. What was the one big take-away from today’s class?
“The webquest resources!

I create small webquests for my students and this gives me a ton of resources that I can use in assignments that I create in addition to using the webquests provided. ”
I am excited that I can link all of the resources I have learned about, to my word press site. The more I learn the more I realize the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom. It will be interesting to see how technology will be used with the new language arts and math curriculum.

It was am eye opener to learn that there were so many WebQuests. It was equally interesting to learn how to identify some of the good, bad and ugly webquests prior to sending students off to quest!

The webquest session was super helpful.  I am looking forward to using these with the kids.  I also learned a lot more about WordPress, which I think will be a helpful tool.
Linking videos and web quests to my WordPress is easy and can be really useful. Continue reading

Class 1: Exit Survey Results

comp-cam1. What is one thing you learned, or learned more about, in today’s class?
rssfeed – love it
I learned how to create a wordpress account.  I am excited for my students and parents.
I learned more about WordPress! Yeah!
I learned more about the RSS feed.  This seems like a good resource for getting updated information about using technology in the classroom in an easy to use way.
I learned about embedding videos.
Super excited about looking into the Feedly blogs.  Looks like an awesome wealth of info.  I am thankful for a list of places to start from the syllabus.
The resources available through Feedly. It’s nice to have a plethora of info all in one place that I can use immediately.

I learned how to use Bethel Docs as a way to help my students work together in editing/creating papers.
I learned a lot about google docs. I have never used this before and it was interesting to learn about how to use it in my classroom for my students and for teachers.
“I liked the option of learning about something and then entering it into our WordPress site on the spot.
Working with the WordPress site is always helpful.  ”
How to use WordPress and RSS reader.
RSS Feeds. I am very interested in keeping track of the different blogs and websites that I like.

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April 15 Class: Assignment #2: Online Resource

homewrk-Teachers will review on-line resources (from the sites provided above) and choose one resource to use in their classroom.  Teachers will write a reflection (commenting on this post) that includes the resource used, how it went, challenges faced and level of difficulty to implement, how it benefited student learning, and what changes you would make if you used the site in the future.


Instructional Technology for 4th-12th Grade Teachers

tin-teleCourse Description

We live in a digital age where most of our students regularly use computers, tablets, and/or smart phones outside of the school day. The Common Core State Standards require students to use digital tools in their learning, however most classrooms lack 1:1 technology. How then can teachers ensure students are engaged in digital environments and versed in using digital tools to learn? In this class, teachers will learn how to use digital tools they already have available to support their classroom instruction. Teachers will be introduced to technology that is practical and online resources that they can use immediately with groups. They will also learn ways to engage students with technology in preparation for when 1:1 or 1:small group access to technology occurs.

Course Objectives:

  • Enable class participants to learn from each other by discussing technology limitations, sharing how they use technology in their classrooms, and identifying ways to use what technology is available
  • Enable class participants to use technology to share what they’ve learned with their colleagues
  • Enable class participants to create and manage a WordPress site
  • Enable class participants to use Google documents
  • Enable class participants to search for Web Quests
  • Enable class participants to understand how to use iPads with students
  • Enable class participants to create lists of resources that they can use directly with students

Required out-of-class Study: selected on-line readings and videos

Course Schedule

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introductions, Course Expectations, Overview of technology the teacher can use with their whole classroom and the families of students. In our first session we will review the current limitations with integrating technology in the classroom and find ways to engage students despite those limits. Teachers will explore uses for a teacher blog and Google Documents. Teachers will set up a WordPress account, Google account, YouTube account, and RSS Reader.