One more thing…5th Grade Graduation T-Shirt

Please remind you child to wear or bring their t-shirt to school tomorrow.

Thank you,

Mrs. Sawyer



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PLEASE READ: Summer Reading & Math Information

Dear Parents,

Your students will graduate from 5th grade tomorrow!  I think it is a mixed bag of emotions for kids and parents, but one thing is for sure.  On Thursday, students will spend  their last day (1/2 day) at Irving Elementary and get ready to move on to middle school next year.  I think most of us are all ready for a break, but I wanted to pass on some reading and math information that your child can do over the summer! 

Book Reviews:  Over the past several weeks students have been working on reading a chapter book (of their choice).  They worked on a google slides presentation (you can ask to see it by having them log in using their google acct), and then presented it to the class.  Students have been presenting their “Book Reviews” over the past few weeks.  While students listened to one another’s Book Reviews they took notes and circled books they would be interested in reading.  Today, each child chose a book and committed to reading it over the summer.  Ask your child what the book was that they chose.   This would be a great way to kick off summer (after a little break, of course).   Also, I have attached a list of all of the books that our class read these past several weeks, just in case the list was lost in the shuffle of all their papers :).

Book Review List

Math Practice:  A math practice packet went home today, too.  This is a great way for kids to stay up on their math practice.  Just in case your kiddo has misplaced the copy that went home today, I attached a copy of what went home.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Summer Math Practice

I have so enjoyed teaching this group of kids.  The last couple of months I have noticed so much growth in them.  Not only have I seen growth in their education, but also with one another.  So thank you!  I will really miss this caring, kind and polite…and I should add competitive group of students!   I am really looking forward to hearing back from these kids in the future.

Mrs. Sawyer

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5th Grade Barbecue

If you are helping with the 5th grade barbecue today, please go to the cafeteria at 11:50  and check in with Brady. 

Thank you!


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