Dear Parents,

I hope you are all ready for a nice, relaxing weekend. It’s Mother’s Day weekend and the weather looks like it’s going to be beautiful! I hope all of you enjoy this time; for me it’s the first Mother’s Day without my mom. Something that I didn’t think would bother me too much, but I realize that “firsts” are a little harder than I thought!

Thank you to those who have checked in with your kiddos throughout the week on their work. Some of you have established some good routines. I am seeing varying amounts of work from students. A few have done a fabulous job of getting all work in. But I am seeing a majority of students not submitting work, so this is just a reminder to submit work on Friday. All work for students should be submitted through Google Classroom. On some documents, students were unable to type. If that happens, students can type me a message. I’ve definitely had a few messages. That tells me they are looking at the work and trying. Also, as we go along, technology will become easier, and then just when we get it down, school will be out!! 😅

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Sawyer


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