Student Assessments (Reposted from ClassDojo 5/19)

Dear Parents,

This week we are assessing all students in math and reading using an informal assessment on Google Classroom (or phone calls for those students that do not submit work) We will be doing two of these informal assessments: one this week, and one more the week of June 1st. For 4th grade students, I will choose one activity each from the 4th grade math and reading menus to assess. For 5th graders, the math and reading assessment is scheduled for Friday. Students will see it under their Grade 5 Distance Learning topic; it will be on a form, just like Daily Check-ins.

These assessments for 4th & 5th graders will be a way to give feedback to students, as well as help provide an end-of-the-year progress report that will be attached to report cards. Report cards will have no grades; just a P (pass) or NG (no grade).

I would love to get 100% participation this week on student work. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and for your continued support!Repor

Mrs. Sawyer

REMINDER:  Students should be doing i-Ready math if they finish their math early, and even if they do finish early, this is a great way to keep up those math skills!

Login to i-Ready (Clever)

UN:  bsdstudent id#

PW:  Student id#

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