May 9th (class #1)

Lesson Plan for 1st class:

Lesson Plan #1

  1. Read the syllabus: EDU 624 Syllabus (summer 2019)
  2. Community Building Activity. Fill out the Math Autobiography: Math Autobiography
  3. Read the article “Creating a School Community”: Creating a School Community (article)
    1. Write a one page paper on a community building activity that you want to try in your classroom. Be prepared to demonstrate the activity.
  4. You will be expected to understand the math standards in your 1st job. For this class we will focus on the Algebra 1 standards: common core state standards (Algebra)
    1. read the Algebra 1 standards. Compare to a common Algebra 1 book (this is the standards covered in our Algebra 1 textbook). : common core state standards Correlation from Algebra 1 textbook
  5. EdTPA is a focus of this math methods course. Please read the EdTPA FAQ: EdTPA FAQ
  6. Read pages 1-19 from the EdTPA handbook. EdTPA Secondary Mathematics Handbook
    1. be prepared to teach the whole class what they need to do for task #1.

I will see you next week!



  1. EDU 624 Syllabus (spring 2018)
  2. Math Autobiography
  3. common core state standards (Algebra)
  4. helping unpack the standards:
  5. EdTPA Secondary Mathematics Handbook


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