Room #13 Information

Our classroom is located in Wolf Creek. We have a total of 29 students in our class this year.


We strive to follow the Prairie Mountain Guidelines everywhere we go – We are safe. We are respectful. We do our personal best.

We also strive to demonstrate our Prairie Mountain lifeskills of P.R.I.D.E. – Problem Solving, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Empathy.

Snack Policy

We will have a quick snack time after morning recess each day at 9:45am while we continue to work and learn. Snacks are optional and need to be healthy. Students must bring snacks from home. I do not provide snacks. Students cannot share snacks, unless they bring an extra snack that is in a sealed, store bought package.

I follow the Prairie Mountain Handbook Snack Policy. Students may only bring healthy foods for snack that will help give them energy to think and learn. If a student brings an unhealthy snack, I may ask he/she to put it away and save it for later. Please do not send snacks such as chips, candy, or cookies. They will not be allowed.

These are some things you can do to help make snack time easy in class: slice fruit/veggies (such as apples & carrot sticks) at home, peel oranges ahead of time, do not send applesauce, fruit cups, or yogurt because they are messy, do not send dipping sauce (such as ranch dressing) because it is messy…

Students may have a spill-proof water bottle in class as long as it has a straw lid that pops up and closes securely. Spills happen frequently with lids that twist on and twist off and with tumbler style cups. If it gets knocked over, which happens often, it should not spill. Water is the only drink allowed in class. No other types of drinks are allowed during class or for snack.

Thank you!

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