Info for Spring!!!

Hello all,

Welcome to Spring! I wanted to let you know that in the Spring the Malabon track team gets ramped up and started and I encourage you speak with your child about running with the Malabon team. Mrs. Kampfer and I have been the Malabon track coach for the last five years and we love what we do. The team consists of both fourth and fifth grade students, and it’s a wonderful oppertunity for your child to have some fun, socialize, and exercise too! Come check it out!

This is just a little tid bit about the state OAKS math and reading assessment coming up soon for students in my class in the next couple weeks. I wanted to make sure to let you know that its very important that your child completes their assignments and that they receive plenty of sleep and excercise as Spring arrives.

Furthermore, the class and I are beginning to study and learn about the planets for the next couple weeks. Each student will be placed in a group and they will be responsible for researching their planet, doing a class presentation about their planet, making their planet out of a ballon, water, paper, flour, and finally painting their planet.

I hope that you encourage your child to teach you about what they’ve learned, and to share any information you may have about the planets with your child. The Spring is a fun and exciting time of year for students and I’m very excited about more activities to come!!!

Kindly, Johnny

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