Monthly Archives: September 2011

Homework and classwork: The distinction

Hey parents and students, 

It’s very important to get all work done in my classroom. In my classroom, I set the expectations very high in room 6, so it’s imperative that your child finish all work given within his or her best abilities and in a timely manner. 

If your child is in need of extra assistance, I’m always available after school and before school. I keep a open door policy in the morning, so my kid start coming in at 7:30 when the bell rings to begin thier school work and of course hang our and enjoy each other’s company. Come on by…. i’m lookin’ forward to seeing you!

Week 3 in Mr. D’s class

     Welcome back to my class students and parents. I hope the Summer has treated you well and that you’ve had some much needed rest and relaxation. 

     In preperation for this school year, I recommend that you child gets plenty of sleep, keep up with thier school work, and of course TRY YOUR BEST.  Please feel free to contact me at Malabon anytime and contact me if you have any comments or concerns.