Week 4 already!!

Hey all!!

         I wanted to give a little update to room 6. Alas, we’re already at week 4 and the time has been flying. I encourage all parents to reivew your childs work everyday so that you know what we’re learning in class and so that you can also assist your child with their work.

         I wanted to give a little update about what will be expected in the next couple weeks. Now that we’re at week 4 in the classroom we will begin to much more writing (narrative /expository) and for some of the upcoming weekends students will be expected to write a narrative paper (beginning/middle/end) about one special day or circumstance that has significance to them.  Please assist your child while they do this so that they know that its important to you too!

          We will also be getting into some new math areas (decimals /fractions) which should be a ton of fun, but of course I encourage you to reveiw these concepts with your child for mastery. Until the next blog!



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