Johnny DeFlaminis

Mr. D’s class is soaring in writing!!

Hey all,

I wanted to let you know that in a couple weeks,  my students will be taking the state writing assessment. They have already come so far since the beginning of the year, but we still have much more to learn. 

If you have a spare moment at home, allow your child to show you the skills of just what they’ve learned. You would be amazed to see that indeed these kid are soaring and I’m so proud of the knowledge they’ve gained over the past 4 months.

 I recommend that your children “my students” should get plenty of sleep over the next couple weeks so that they can be properly rested in preperation for the writing assessment. I also recommend that your kids are eating right. 

These kids are not only incredibly hard workers, but they strive to be the best which is a wonderful quality.. A quality that will take them far in life!! Go Mr. D’s class!!

Dear parents and students,

Christmas break and the holiday season is arriving quickly and represents a wonderful time for my students to show off what they’ve learned over the course of the first three months on school in the classroom. I would like your child (or my student) to write two different papers over the break.  The first paper will be a “narrative essay” about your Christmas with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Within this paper, I would like to see detail and description , similes, metaphors, personification, action transitions, hooking the reader, and telling the story step by step. This may seem  like a ton of info to soak in, but not for the whiz kids in room 6.  They’re awesome and very capable!

 The second paper will be an “expository essay” about why Christmas is important to them. There needs to be a clear introduction, three supporting paragraghs, one seperate paragragh using elaboration to support as paragraph, and a clear conclusion. FYI to my students, remember that when using your supporting paragraphs it goes from transition to detail to explaining the detail.

Many of my students are writing a higher level, and you would be amazed to find out just what they’re capable of since the beginning of the year began.  Overall, I’m very proud of my students at all levels because of your hard work, determination, focus, and willingness to go the extra mile.  Classroom six rocks!


We are currently working on oral speeches and presentations in the classroom.  Each student will choose a Shell Silverstein, Jack Prelutzky, or any poem they prefer, and then recite it as part of the state benchmark in speaking.  It should be a hoot!

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Kindly, Johnny