For fourth grade:

• Reading every evening: it’s very important that students read every evening. 30 minutes of reading would be ideal. How well a student can read is indicative to how well they can write.

• I think it’s super important for parents to go over their child’s work every evening so that students know that school is important to their parents as well. If the importance is stressed both at school and at home, the child success may be greater.

• Sleep: even though this is not academic, getting good rest can affect the students’ academic success. Getting at least 8-10 hours a night is ideal.

1) *Children often times need positive reinforcement to be successful in tasks that they must complete. Parents can provide this positive reinforcement by following the helpful hints listed below:

2) *Set up a quiet area for study time. For completed homework assignments students can receive rewards that the parent and child decide on.

3) *Set aside a certain time each night during which you expect your child to complete his homework. Though some children do their homework immediately after getting home from school, most children do better after having a “break”. Work out a time with your child you both feel is an acceptable set homework time.

4) *Always give your child help when needed, but don’t do the homework for them. Many times, parents fall into the trap of giving too much help. Remember that this should be a learning experience for the child and should be their responsibility.

5) Here is another helpful site that may help both you and your child learn a new concept. It’s called Kahn Academy

Here are some websites that may be helpful:

1) http://www.microsoft.com/athome/intouch/studytips.mspx
2) http://emcs.sd62.bc.ca/parents/Helpful%20Homework%20Tips%20for%20Parents.pdf

3) kahn Academy

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