Join Band!

Welcome to the Meadow View Band! I hope you make the decision to be part of this amazing group!

Click here to sign up for the 2021-2022 Meadow View Beginning Band

Why should you join band? Watch Mr. Dillow’s video to find out!

Which Instrument Should I Play?

Are you interested in joining band but aren’t sure which instrument to play? Don’t worry! I’m here to help.

You will not need to decide on an instrument for sure until after school has started in the fall, though it is okay if you already know. We will have an instrument fair at the beginning of the school year so that you can try out the instruments you are interested in the most. There will be experts at the fair that can give helpful advice and help you pick the best instrument.

In the meantime, watch the video below for some helpful advice.

For the Parents

Are you a parent/guardian and not quite sure if band is a good choice for your child? Maybe you have never been in band yourself, or you have a lot of questions about whether you child will be successful.

Playing an instrument in school band is a great opportunity! It allows students to participate in a team activity, learn how to read music, develop self-confidence, and practice forming healthy habits. Besides that, band is fun! Lifelong friends are often made in the band room. Students enjoy the payoff of their hard work by performing at 3-4 concerts every year, including traveling to a local band festival. It also opens other possibilities for musical performance in 7th and 8th grade and beyond. Band class allows students to learn skills that will last with them for their whole life!

Students do not need to have any prior musical skill or knowledge when coming into band. We will teach them everything they need to know. Tight finances should not be a concern for band students. It is important to us that every student have an opportunity to participate, so we will work with you to make sure that your child is able to have everything necessary for the class.

Still have questions? Check out the Be Part of the Band website or watch this video to hear from other band parents about their experience having a child in Beginning Band: