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4th Grade – The Next Four Weeks in Summary

Hi Families,

Here is a summary of all that is happening in the next 4 weeks.

  1. This week- Nov. 20-21:  This is only a 2-day week.  There is no school Wed.  Please let me know if your child will not be at school for either of these two days.  I have already given out the “Thanksgiving Reading Challenge” game sheet.   It is in your child’s binder. Students are encouraged to read a minimum of three 20-minute sessions so we can achieve a class goal of a Root Beer Party.  All students will have the opportunity to earn items, based on the number of “squares” completed (each represent 20 minutes).  It starts Tuesday afternoon until Sunday night.
  2. Nov. 27-30:  This is a 4-day week.  Friday is a Grading Day for teachers.
    • We will send home your time for Student-led Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please bring your child with you as they will be leading it and showcasing their work.  Let me know if you have any conflict with your assigned time or if something comes up, to let me or the office know as soon as possible.  Our school’s Book Fair will also be going on during Conferences.
    • Tuesday, Nov. 28,  is Health Screening.  Please make sure your child is here that day.
    • Thursday, Nov. 30 is our first Price Assembly at 1:25
  3. Dec. 4-7: This is also a 4-day week with Thursday as a half-day.  Classes will dismiss at 11:10.  This will allow for conferences starting at noon.  There is no school on Friday Dec. 8
    • Dec. 4th -Red Cross Pillowcase Project comes to fourth grade!  They will be teaming with Disney to supply us with pillowcases for our emergency kits and tell us about what we need in them.  They are coming because we are beginning a natural disaster unit and will do our first research project  with one of these.
    • Dec. 4-15 Prairie Mountain School is working on showing Empathy in our school
  4. Dec. 11-15: This is a normal 5-day week.  Dec. 15 will be our last day of school until classes resume on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018!
    • Wed. or Thurs. of this week, I will be having my traditional “G-store.”  Three times a year I hold this event.  Students will be allowed to go “shopping” with their G-bucks that they’ve earned in class. It costs parents nothing and is a lot of fun.

Smokey – I will draw a name on Monday to see who can take him home over Thanksgiving Break.  We will draw the week of Dec. 11 to see who gets to take him home over Winter Break.  Thank you to all of you who help care for him so that your son or daughter can have the experience of caring for our classroom pet.

BEF Grant – Perhaps you heard I was one of the winners of a Bethel Education Foundation Grant.  I will be purchasing “Toobaloos” on Amazon that give students a really fun way to practice oral reading.  I’m super excited!

Thank you families for all you are doing to help your child be responsible with homework and for working hard in class.  I love these kids!


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