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About Me

WP_20140221_016My name is Jenifer Gerlach.  This is my fourth year teaching at Prairie Mountain, though I’ve working in some form of education for 24 years.   I am one of two 4th grade teachers here.

I have an amazing family.  My husband is David and we have five incredible children.  Of my five, one currently attends Willamette High School, one is a freshman at NCU here in Eugene and one is a senior at EOU in La Grande, OR.  We have a daughter in Portland and a son and his wife in LA who have given us our first grandchild.


I love so many things.  I am a musician, primarily a pianist, and I love singing.  I love the ocean and the mountains.  I love sunshine and being warm.  I love animals and have one cat named Zoe.  I’ve lived on the west coast most of my life, but our family lived in Tennessee for 13 years.  I can give you a real strong southern accent when you’re not expecting it!

Being a teacher is an incredible gift.  Teaching for me is a lifestyle.  I get excited when I see my students achieve goals they never thought possible and succeed in areas that seemed intimidating.  I love creating a strong sense of community.  For a school year, we get to learn, grow and live together.  This year is going to be the same.

Stop by any time (after school is best) and we can chat about your child and his or her progress.  I love giving feedback so we can partner together in your child’s educational and developmental journey.

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  • Looking forward to a great year! Brooke is very excited to be in your class! Please do not hesitate to reach out my way if I can help in any way. I can send in money or if you direct me to a certain snack you’d like me to pick up, just let me know.

    Thank you,

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