First, Third, Fifth


The first graders just finished a mini unit about metamorphosis. They used sequencing words to explain the life cycles of both frogs and butterflies. They wrote a group paragraph that explained what happens, practiced it, and presented it to a fourth and fifth grade classroom. We have pictures of both their paragraph and them presenting to the fourth graders on our classroom Instagram account. If you have not already joined our closed class page, please click here to join.


The third graders are learning our ELD writing and editing process. This week they wrote a paragraph about what they do during the summer. They then learned to look for spelling mistakes, how to find and improve their verbs, and why we need to have transition words in our writing. They are currently practicing their typing skills by typing a final copy of their paragraphs.


The unit that the fifth graders are learning about is focused on how helping and working together improve our community. They just finished retelling the story Stone Soup using sequencing words to facilitate understanding. The fifth graders worked as partners to sequence the story and then turn it from a list of sentences into a paragraph. Some of their progress can be found on our class Instagram account.  If you have not already joined our closed class page, please click here to join.

Kinder, Second, and Fourth/Kinder, segundo, y cuarto


In Kindergarten students are learning about the people in our building. They have learned a song that helps them practice the vocabulary (teacher, secretary, principal, custodian) needed as well as practicing the names of these people. Here are some of the people we know in our building. Practicing name people and their jobs in your family’s home language will help your child improve their English skills as it reinforces the concept in a different way.

Second Grade

The second grade students are learning about families and homes. We finished the first part of our unit and the students read their descriptions of families and what they should do together to our friends in fourth grade. We have great pictures of this activity on our class Instagram. They have learned vocabulary to describe different types of homes (houses, apartments, trailers, duplexes, 

etc.) and our next reading will focus on the different types of buildings people have created homes in.


Fourth Grade

The fourth graders are reviewing the verb “be.” They are using a program called Focus on Grammar to target specific skills. Our fourth graders have great oral skills and so we will be utilizing these skills to improve their written skills. Their goal is oral automatic ability so that they can successfully implement the skills into their writing.

Technology and communication/Tecnología y comunicación


We are going to continue to use our blog and Instagram postings this year. We are going to be adding Remind. Remind is an app that allows us to communicate directly from our cell phones. I am found that the text message style of communication makes it easier for us to respond to one another. I look forward to being able answer your questions and share community events with you.


Vamos a seguir usando nuestro blog y las publicaciones de Instagram este año. Vamos a agregar Remind. “Remind” es una aplicación que nos


permite comunicarnos directamente desde nuestros teléfonos celulares. Me parece que el estilo de comunicación de mensajes de texto facilita que respondamos unos a otros. Espero poder contestar sus preguntas y compartir eventos de la comunidad con usted.

ELD 2017-2018




Just a reminder that we will continue to create and post videos based on our various projects. Also we will be using the class Instagram account. Our class Instragram account is ms_mcintyres_eld and continues to be a  private account. If  you already have an account please find us and request to follow. If you do not, please go to Instagram. It is a free account and can be done from phones, tablets, or computers.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to call us (541-461-6424 ext. 2550) or e-mail me at It is going to be another wonderful year in ELD and I can’t wait to see how much we learn and grow.




Recuerdan que vamos a seguir para crear y publicar vídeos en función de nuestros diversosproyectos. También recuerdan que vamos a utilizar lacuenta de Instagram. Nuestra cuenta de Instragram clase se ms_mcintyres_eld y continua se configurar como una cuenta privada. Si ya tiene una cuenta, por favor encontrarnosy solicitar a seguir. Si no lo hace, por favor vaya a Instagram. Es una cuenta gratuita ypuede hacerse desde celulares, tabletas o computadoras.


Como siempre, si tiene alguna pregunta no dude en comunicarse con nosotros por llamadas telefónicas o mensajes de correo electrónico, (541-461-6424 ext. 2550) Se va a ser otro maravilloso año en ELD y no puedo esperar a ver lo mucho que aprender y crecer.

“Leave a book/Take book”-“Deja un libro/Tome un libro”

Many of you may have noticed extra books coming home with your students lately. In ELD we have started a program called “Leave a book/Take a book.” The idea is very simple. We know that reading is great for children and we know that the more books students have access to the more the will read, so in ELD everyone started with one book and when they finish it they can bring it back and trade it for a new book.

Many of the books are in English but we do have a number of them in Spanish. We do not have as many books in Spanish and other languages as I would like and if you have books that your children have outgrown or simply do not want anymore we would love to have them donated to our classroom and the “Leave a book/Take a book” program.

Muchos de ustedes habrán a notar libros adicionales en su casa. En Desarrollo de Inglés han comenzado un programa llamada “Deja un libro/Tome un libro.” El concepto es simple. Conocemos que lectura es buena para niños y conocemos que cuando los niños tienen acceso a más leen mas, por eso todos los estudiantes in Desarrollo de Inglés se le dio una libro para pedir prestado y cuando lo termine se puede traer de vuelto y cambiarlo por un libro diferente.

Tenemos libros en Inglés, por su puesto, pero tenemos algunos más en Español. No tenemos tantos libros en Español como en Inglés por eso si tiene libros que sus niños ya no leen o que no quieren, nos gustaría tener los donó a nuestra salón y el programa de “Deja un libro/Tome un libro.”

Animal books


Where has the year gone?

While we have been busily learning our new curriculum this year it appears as though some of my old learning, about getting blogs updated regularly, has been forgotten! While this year has been full of new for us as a classroom many of our favorite spring events are happening soon. We are getting prepared for our Mother’s Day celebration with Maestra Mago, learning our songs for this year’s Multicultural Fair, and just getting excited for Malabon’s Carnival and Eugene’s We Are Bethel event.

Maesta Mago is excited to invite all of our families to a Mother’s Day celebration on May 12. We will be meeting in the cafeteria at Willamette High School. It is a potluck, so please bring a dish to share.

The students and I have been working hard on our songs for the Multicultural Fair. The fair will be May 19 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Prairie Mountain School.

Carnival will be at Malabon June 2 and We Are Bethel will be June 3.


Si bien hemos estado muy ocupados aprendiendo nuestro nuevo plan de estudios este año, parece como si algo de mi aprendizaje antiguo, como mi blog que se actualiza regularmente, se ha olvidado! Si bien este año ha estado lleno de nuevo para nosotros como un aula muchos de nuestros eventos favoritos de primavera están sucediendo pronto. Nos estamos preparando para la celebración del Día de la Madre con Maestra Mago, aprendiendo nuestras canciones para la Feria Multicultural de este año y simplemente emocionándonos por el Carnaval de Malabón y el evento We Are Bethel de Eugene.

Maesta Mago está encantada de invitar a todas nuestras familias a una celebración del Día de la Madre el 12 de mayo. Nos reuniremos en la cafetería de la Escuela Secundaria Willamette. Es un potluck, así que por favor traiga un plato para compartir.

Los estudiantes y yo hemos estado practicando en nuestras canciones para la Feria Multicultural. La feria será el 19 de mayo de 6:00 – 8:00 PM en Prairie Mountain School.

Carnaval estará en Malabon el 2 de junio y We Are Bethel será el 3 de junio.

tip of the week“Are we there yet?”
Use the time spent in the car or bus for wordplay. Talk about how jam means something you put on toast as well as cars stuck in traffic. How many other homonyms can your child think of? When kids are highly familiar with the meaning of a word, they have less difficulty reading it.



zonapadres“¿Ya casi llegamos?”
Use el tiempo que pasan en el auto o en el autobús para juegos de palabras. Hable de cómo sobre significa encima de algo, pero también es donde se ponen las cartas antes de enviarlas por correo. Cuando los niños están muy familiarizados con el significado de una palabra, tienen menos dificultad al leerla.



are-we-there-yet_chinese are-we-there-yet_viet

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I know that the teachers in your life are always encouraging you to read with your child. That is because we have seen the research and know that it is one of the most important academic skills a child can learn. Here are a few things to try so that you can help your child with this skill. If you are already doing thing, that is wonderful! Please share this with your family and friends. As always, I encourage you to do all of these skills in your family’s primary language.

  • There is a time each day when the T.V. is turned off so that my child can read or draw.

  • I tell stories to my child and sometimes they tell stories to me.

  • I talk to my child about what we see in our life; at stores, on the bus, at home, etc.

Sé que los maestros de su vida siempre le animan a leer con su hijo. Eso es porque hemos visto la investigación y sabemos que es una de las habilidades académicas más importantes que un niño puede aprender. Aquí hay algunas cosas para probar para que pueda ayudar a su hijo con esta habilidad. Si ya estás haciendo algo, ¡eso es maravilloso! Por favor, comparta esto con su familia y amigos. Como siempre, les animo a hacer todas estas habilidades en el idioma de su familia.

  • Todos los días hay un momento en el que se apaga la televisión y los niños leen y dibujan.

  • Yo le cuento historias a mi hijo y algunas veces el me las cuenta a mi.

  • Yo platico con mi hijo acerca de lo que vemos en nuestra vida, en la tienda, en el autobus, en la casa, etc.

tip of the weekPlay sound games
Practice blending sounds into words. Ask “Can you guess what this word is? m – o – p.” Hold each sound longer than normal.

zonapadresJuegue juegos de sonidos
Intente mezclar sonidos con letras. Pregunte: “¿Puedes adivinar cual es esta palabra? mmm – aaa – nnn – ooo.” Haga cada sonido más largo de lo normal


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