Kinder, Second, and Fourth/Kinder, segundo, y cuarto


In Kindergarten students are learning about the people in our building. They have learned a song that helps them practice the vocabulary (teacher, secretary, principal, custodian) needed as well as practicing the names of these people. Here are some of the people we know in our building. Practicing name people and their jobs in your family’s home language will help your child improve their English skills as it reinforces the concept in a different way.

Second Grade

The second grade students are learning about families and homes. We finished the first part of our unit and the students read their descriptions of families and what they should do together to our friends in fourth grade. We have great pictures of this activity on our class Instagram. They have learned vocabulary to describe different types of homes (houses, apartments, trailers, duplexes, 

etc.) and our next reading will focus on the different types of buildings people have created homes in.


Fourth Grade

The fourth graders are reviewing the verb “be.” They are using a program called Focus on Grammar to target specific skills. Our fourth graders have great oral skills and so we will be utilizing these skills to improve their written skills. Their goal is oral automatic ability so that they can successfully implement the skills into their writing.

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