about talking time

Who are we?  MaryAnne Gates is a speech-language specialist and Jennifer Reiss is a speech-language pathology assistant.  We have been working as a team for the past 12+ years providing speech and language services in Bethel.  Together, we are Talking Time!

What do we do?  We work hard to help Lifeskills students communicate.

Where?  We serve the Lifeskills classes at Clear Lake Elementary School, Danebo Elementary School, and Shasta Middle School.

Why?  Communication is important!  Every student deserves the chance  to communicate!

How?  We use books, songs and activities to teach communication.  Words, signs, low and high tech augmentative communication are all used with our students to help them be successful communicators.  We are also using Universal Core Vocabulary every day to teach 36 words that are the building blocks to language.

36 universal core words
Universal Core Vocabulary