We are back to school on the Monday after the long Thanksgiving holiday and I definitely have the post-holiday grumpies.  The printer is broken and the computer program that lets me share visuals in the classroom and with you is not working either. Grrrrr!  Last week, we talked about being thankful and read the book, Bear Says Thanks.  If you follow this YouTube link, you can see the vocabulary words, see the read-aloud version of the story, sweat off some turkey calories with a few motion songs and see what some of our students are thankful for.  I know we are so thankful for all of them!  Keep your fingers crossed that technology will be back online for next week’s post!  P.S.  I’m sorry in advance for the song, Turkey Time.  It will get stuck in your head!

Like a Windy Day

This week, we talked about the wind.  Our book of the book was Like a Windy Day , by Frank Asch & Devin Asch.  We tried a couple of fun wind-based activities, including pinwheels and using squeeze bottles to blow cotton ball “clouds” across the blue sky.  (This is an easy activity to try at home!)   Vocabulary words, a read-aloud version of the book and some songs about wind (plus some Bill Nye, the Science Guy) are available of this playlist:

Like Windy Day Core Words: I, want, like
Like a Windy Day Core Words: I, Want, Like

Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

To celebrate all things slightly creepy, we read Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance.   We “helped” Frank dance with our All-Turn-It spinner game.

Frank Dancing Game
Frank Dancing Game

You can find our vocabulary video and two motion songs on this YouTube playlist:

Our core vocabulary words this week were I and He.  We worked on LOTS of introductions.  You can help at home by pointing to yourself and modeling “I am”  sentences.  “I am eating breakfast.”  “I am sleepy.”  The possibilities are endless.  Shasta had Spirit Week and our middle school class wrote a great story about it.  Brenda’s class has a LOT of school spirit!  You can read their story here:  spirit week 2018

Frank Was a Monster Core Words: I, He
Frank Was a Monster Core Words: I, He