Prairie Mountain School K-5 Music

Music Classroom Information and Sharing!

2nd Grade Program coming up!

I’m looking forward to sharing songs about wild animals and creepy-crawlies with you in April. Our 2nd graders are eager to sing and play for you, and what a great job they’ve been doing preparing for the big show!

Lyrics packets should be coming home soon if they haven’t made it already. You can also follow the link below for a PDF version of the lyrics.

2017 2nd Grade Lyrics Packet

Mark your calendars for Thursday April 13 at 6:30pm!

Talent Show Tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to our annual Talent Show tomorrow night!

Participating acts are below:

  1. Cody Masterson, Saxophone
  2. Chase, Owen, Cayden and Brodie, Dance
  3. Abigail Akins, Musical Theater
  4. Emri Zito, Dance
  5. Yocelyn Pilego, Singing
  6. Staff Act!
  7. DeJon, Carter, Makena, Fox and Javier, Dance
  8. Celia McCallen, Comedy
  9. Samantha Johnson, Singing
  10. Eileen Davidson and Jordan Bell, Piano/Singing


Performers are asked to arrive at 6:00pm, and the show starts at 6:30!

Talent Show Coming Up!!

Talent Show permission slips due on Thursday, February 16

Auditions to be scheduled on February 20 and 21

Talent Show dress rehearsal February 27

The Big Show February 28


Permission slip/information sheet:

5th Grade Program- lyrics and save the date!

Mark your calendars for our 5th grade program!

Thursday February 16, 2017 at 7:00pm in the PMS North Gym.

I’m especially excited for this program because we will be singing in SIX different languages!

Lyrics packets were sent home a couple of weeks ago. You will find that same packet attached to this post in case you need it.



4th Grade Program- Auditions for SOLOS

Hello again, Everyone!

Just a friendly heads-up that I will be hosting auditions for 4th grade music program solos from January 3rd until January 6 before school (7:40-8:00am).

If your child needs to audition at a time other than before school, please contact me or have them come talk with me. We can schedule after-school meetings, but I need to be in contact with parents to ensure that your child gets picked-up/home safely.

Auditioning students are asked to choose 1 solo from the lyrics packet that was sent home a few weeks ago to sing for me. I will choose soloists based on 1) pitch accuracy 2) lyric accuracy 3) stage presence 4) attitude/team spirit! I will also choose understudies for the solos just in case a soloist has to miss the performance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions/concerns!

I’m looking forward to January 12!

WHS Jazz Band and ECBB in concert Friday

I’m proud to share that the Willamette HS Jazz Band 1 will be sharing a concert with the professional jazz band that I lead (Eugene Composer’s Big Band) at the Jazz Station (124 W. Broadway) this Friday, December 9 at 7:30pm.

Event Info:!calendar