IB Psychology 2-Internal Assessment


Informational PowerPoint on IA

Guide to writing IA

Statistic help/tutorials/calculator– very good.  Use this.  Screenshot the calculations to put in your appendix!

Mann-Whitney U critical value table

APA Tutorial

Proposal form

Day 2 Form

Introduction screencast

—-Intro screencast Quiz

Design screencast

—-Design screencast Quiz

Participants screencast

—-Participants screencast quiz

Results screencast

—-Results screencast quiz

Discussion Screencast

—-Discussion screencast quiz

Self/PeerEval Forms: Intro, Design, Participants, Procedure, Results, Discussion


Without a completed notebook you will not receive comments on your IA, not will you be able to resubmit it.

All screencasts are watched with quizzes correctly completed.

All evaluations (peer and self) are completed.

All example papers are marked with accompanying forms completed.

—-Link to Form for Example #1

—-Link to Form for Example #2

-Link to Form for Example #3

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