English Language Arts

English Language Arts Independent Study Options:


Each 16 hours of learning equates to .125 credit. The options listed below are based on approximate hours. You should be putting in approximately 16 hours of work for each of the assignments in order to achieve a final product that is of the expected level of quality and rigor.

Internship/trip Reflection         .125Students who are going on a multi-day trip or participating in a job shadow/internship may earn credit by completing all of the following:

  1. Journal of experience: Each day, complete a ½-page journal entry. Note observations, questions, new learning, etc. from experience.
  2. Paper: Write a 2-3 page reflection paper. The reflection paper should be a synthesis of what you have taken away from this experience. (If you are stuck on content, you may consult with teachers for suggestions.)



Book Reflection                             .125You may read an appropriate novel and do the following. Consult with a teacher beforehand to determine appropriateness.

  1. Chapter summaries: Write a brief summary of each chapter to show that you read it.
  2. Paper: Write a 2-3 page expository essay. Do not write a book report. If you cannot come up with an essay topic, consult a teacher.



Blog                 .125-.25Identify a topic of interest to you. Using wordpress.com, create a blog with essays, shorter writings, images and other media devoted to the topic. Your teacher will help you determine appropriateness and judge the quantity of work to award credit.(Example blog: “Classic Cars.” Blog might include descriptive essays, reviews, personal stories, biographies, how-to instructions, journals, images, etc.)


TO access a printable Word version of the independent study options for ELA, click here.

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