Each task below is between .01 to .10 credits depending on the time it takes you to complete it.  Be as detailed as possible with each assignment for maximum credit. 

Read the article 9 Foods Even the Experts Won’t Eat and fill out the Notes Worksheet

Log on to and complete this worksheet Healthy Eating Web Assignment

To learn more about reading food labels, complete the following worksheet Food Labels Student Worksheet

Print out this worksheet and complete this activity outside of school Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t have access to Netflix, check in with Janay to watch the movie Killer at Large and complete the following notes Killer at Large Movie Notes

Read the following article and complete the attached questions Reading Work Sample Innovators in School Nutrition

Use this Oregon Law School Nutrition to help find products we could sell in the school store.  When you think you have found something that meets nutrition standards, fill out the appropriate form for snack or beverage to check.  Snack Evaluation or Beverage Evaluation

Read the article What are The Top 5 Healthy Foods and fill out the Notes Worksheet

Use this key for substitute ingredients Smart Food Swaps to help find healthier options for this assignment Kalapuya Top Chef Activity


My Plate: My Meal Plan

Epidemiology: The study of Disease, injury, and death in a community

Fate of Diet

Lifestyle Disease: So what?

21st Century High School Issues: Learning how to Make Better Choices                

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

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